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Links, lemmings, but no lemon.

A list of odd or amusing band names or fictional band names
A blasphemous combination of dark hurricane humor and Magic: The Gathering cards. Warning: tasteless humor. Warning: reasonably equal-opportunity mockery.
Google fucked up; Google apologized; Google's going to fix the broken blog-search.
Caffeine content for a variety of sources. Also, the lethal dosage of many different forms of caffeine input.

Random complaint: the Skyehawke archives are having an utter bear of a time loading chapter-to-chapter; sometimes I have to open in new tab to force the next chapter to load.

Googlism: azurelunatic is: ...
azurelunatic is knocking out an average of 0.51 kittens per day over her lifetime.
azurelunatic is making some in the kitchen.
azurelunatic is that a soldering iron in your pocket?
azurelunatic is the appropriate link.
azurelunatic is happy.
azurelunatic is SQuishy.
azurelunatic is not a member of any public groups.
azurelunatic is offline.
azurelunatic is on the Cartman Cluster.
azurelunatic is the writer.
azurelunatic is a demented rainbow.
Joanie's is situated among tall pines on a hill overlooking town.
Joanie is faced with a dilemma.
Joanie is a cunning ham.
Joanie is doing very well.
Joanie is now back in Japan for more wrestling.
Joanie is the last of six.
Joanie is probably not entitled to a pension.
Joanie is always excited to hear from you!
Joanie is a teacher/librarian.
Joanie is coming to town!

Darkside is, evidently, allergic to girls. Also, the coolest, sooooooo cute, a camwhore, nice, updated monthly, a number of acronyms, already registered, and not a villain.

The hot tub was very relaxing. I sat in there for an hour reading. I think I really needed that.

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