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Work is fun. And stuff.

Looks like my position will be staying fairly much the
same. The new system does not keep track of all the
same stuff I do, and they want a layer of
human-involved redundancy. Yay! I'm hoping I'll get to
do more with the supervisor-end of the new system,
because I love computers, and computers love me.

They have been doing
weird stuff with the security codes and the doors. Two
of the doors do not open from the outside any more;
they're waiting on new parts and technicians capable
of installing said new parts. The joy.

Also in the updated joy, the monitor group code for
the doors is gone. Thus I found myself outside, locked
out: I'd been using the monitor code. I'll be getting
my own code after this, I am to hope.

We're having crazy amounts of overtime this week and
next; we're very behind. This results in a mob scene
when about seventeen people who weren't scheduled in
but want an extra shift pounce and want seats. Under
the old seating system, we'd send them to the break
room to chill, then see what booths we had empty due
to absence. New seating system, we figure out a place
there and then. Yay new seating system. Not.

Some people don't seem to pay much attention to what's
going on at work. This morning one young lady in
particular was going through a practice survey as I
was zooming around the floor trying to check off which
seats had butts in them. "But what if they aren't
going to buy a $PRODUCT?" she asked. "It doesn't have
an option for that.

Busy fucking Lunatic squints in a menacing fashion.
"Just before this, there should be a question about
whether they intend to buy a $PRODUCT or not?" It
wasn't really a question, even though I don't know the
survey that well.

Phone goon backs up. Sure enough, guess what the
previous question was! Busy fucking Lunatic points out
that gee, guess what answer this phone goon put in
that question! Sur-fucking-prise.

"What's a cell phone handset?"

Muttered commentary, out of earshot, about Dendarii
hill rocks, boxes, and comparative brain function.

The new goddamn system has a bunch of little problems.
One of them is that before the system will actually
show you on break, you have to pick a password to lock
it. If you do not pick a password within 45 seconds,
it will log you off. So for the phone goons who are
used to not picking a password when going on break,
just entering the default password to come off break,
this is a bit of a trial. A few weekends ago, we had
one paranoid lady claiming that someone was messing
with her computer due to this little "feature", and
since none of the supervisors had been trained on the
new system yet, we didn't know what to say to make her
STFU, even though we knew she had to be pulling a
Paranoia Moment.

It's always fun when I answer the phone and it's a
monitor calling me to ask how to spell some random

On the new system, we have to enter how long we're
scheduled to work, and it calculates things like our
paid break time based on that. It's vital to
something-or-other that we enter our actual scheduled
time, so that some record-keeping or other does not
get jacked up. (Would it get a flat that would have to
be changed?) One employee was adamant that she should
then be logging out and logging back in again so that
she would be given her extra paid break time for
staying longer than her scheduled shift. I was
attempting to convince her that no, she stays logged
in and just takes the bloody break and a supervisor
will have to correct it manually. I really dislike it
when my Computer-Person Authority is challenged by
someone who thinks her Older Person Authority
overrides that.

Stressy College Chick called Rev. Not-So-Nice
Supervisor a "jerkoff" for some reason or other. I
heard "gerbil". They wound up calling each other
"gerbil" and "waste of oxygen".

Every time I talk to Cute Desk Guy, we wind up talking
about three times longer than anticipated.

figment0 looks like Marvin today.

We have never, ever had to type in the job number
manually. Ever. One of our employees (well, several,
but this one in particular) is The Old Lady. The one
that cRon warned us about. We always, when prompted to
select the job number, hit "enter" and select from the
goddamn list. So why is The Old Lady choosing now to
type in the goddamn job number, and then getting all
confused when the job number she types in the wrong
field is "not a valid job number"???

Today's shift lasts until 6:30. Geeze.

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