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I am interested in many things.

LJ interests, ten interests, one lemming!

LJ Interests meme results

  1. caffeine:
    It keeps me awake. Occasionally, it even keeps me alive. One of the things that I've been learning to live with since 14 is some undiagnosed nasty little mood problems, generally the darker sort. I don't do manic, in general, though I may look it occasionally. That's really just cheerful. I don't make the sorts of mistakes that genuinely manic people make. In 1998/1999, I learned that a genuinely helpful combination was 0.75 liters of Jolt, and a comedy. The caffeine was to spike my mood artificially up enough so the comedy could actually be funny. The comedy was to amuse me, make me laugh, and make the lift from the caffeine last longer than it actually chemically did.
  2. dark angel:
    An under-rated little show with hot girls, post-apocalyptic doom, lickable men, and awesome lesbians. Drool. Not so much of a force in my life as it once was, but the UST is of the finest kind.
  3. duct tape sword guys:
    Ahh, youth. I have this thing for geeks. I have this thing for insane sports. I had this thing for a guy named Shawn. We were among the campus freaks, and I loved it. There's nothing like bashing the hell out of your friends with what's essentially a Nerf-wrapped cudgel.
  4. hematite:
    A rock. A shiny rock. It's pretty. It used to be far more one of "my" stones than it is now. I had a hen by that name.
  5. magic:
    Um, duh. Magic is part of my life. I can't help but see the magic in the ordinary, and I like looking under the hood to find the fabric of reality. Magic is shiny.
  6. occult:
    Again, magic. The hidden. Poking at things that most people leave un-poked. Much of it is common sense with a spooooky name, or else uncommon sense, or discovering the secret fears of your heart. The bad side is discovering the secret fears of the hearts of others and twisting them.
  7. richard feynman:
    Perhaps my first genuine hero. A scientist I can relate to, with writing that reads more like a conversational story than a lecture.
  8. sleep:
    I have Sleep Issues. When I was loading my interests list when first coming to LJ, I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and babysitting a four-year-old in my spare time.
  9. technomancy:
    The intersection of technology and magic. Two of my primary interests in one convenient package!
  10. voice:
    This one is an older interest. It refers to the use of speech in magic, and converting ordinary words into words of power.

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