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Whee, moving! (Not me.)

J from our writing group is moving! She just bought a condo. She borrowed a digital camera from her dad to get photos of the furniture she's selling (it's in good condition, but she doesn't want to move it, and it doesn't match the rest of her stuff) but she's not a technology person. So she needed one good geek.

I came over and helped her out. The end result was a flyer she can post around her apartment complex, and an ad on Craigslist. Phoenix-local people: Two stripey Southwestern-style couches, used & sturdy, and a hand-made coffee table. Price negotiable.

I got the coat tree (not pictured, but I'll snap it eventually myself) in exchange for working on this with her. Something so simple from a tech-savvy person's viewpoint, and yet so complex from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't know which end's up on most tech stuff...

I finally got to meet her dog, Ziggy. Ziggy is a medium-small pale gold lab, very friendly and wagging and shedding. He reminds me of Fern. Very licky as well. She finally fenced him out of the bedroom-partition while we worked on the stuff.

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