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Azure Jane Lunatic

Silly things I do at work:

One of our employees is fen, with the first name Daniel, last name something common. We have this thing where if you're on certain surveys more than 25 times in a certain length of time, you get offered a chance to take a break from the survey for a few months. Daniel had been on this survey more than 25 times. We have this form we fill out to hand the phone goons. It goes, "_________________, you have been on the __________ survey at least 25 times ..." and goes on to the rest of the fine print. In the blank for the name, I wrote "Daniel Jackson $LASTNAME". He was duly amused. (I really do need to see more Stargate.)

One of my duties is to answer incoming phone calls to the office and relay messages to phone goons. The welcome desk up front calls me when one of the phone goons has a visitor. I relay the information to the phone goon in question. This time, the last name of the guy was Anderson. "Mr. Anderson. You have a guest at the welcome desk," I said. The phone goons around him started cracking up at the Matrix reference.

I wear Post-Its on my forehead advertising my emotions of the moment. Those are really only for extreme moods. Most times, a post-it on the computer will do.

I offer my Clue Bat to people who look like their problems would be solved by hitting someone.

I play with the work e-mail. Not blatant play, just subtle wordplay. I was pleased with myself for days for the "alarums and excursions" subject line. I adore writing up the booth out e-mail to the IT department, because I can usually phrase myself cleverly and get away with it.

Work is fun.

...gods, I'm going to miss Poser-Geek Supervisor.

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