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There's a certain style of self-important pompousness that doesn't sit well with me. When there's someone whose natural style is far more casual, but they feel that in order to be listened to, they have to write in what they consider an intellectual style, but it's a style that doesn't sit well on them -- that really irks me. This is especially true when the pompous and overly formal style is riddled with inaccurate punctuation, poor spelling, and inadvertently absurd word choice. I'm really tempted to advise, "Be yourself, fuckwit!" -- except that I'd wind up mortally insulting the poor bastards, and I'd like as not hear back, "This is me." I'd far rather think that they're dressing themselves up for the internet, albeit in as odd a fashion choice as a Muggle ladies' floral nightgown on an elderly wizard.

Speaking of wizards...

Allegra still decorates my floor, in full shipping box. I've barely had time to breathe since Friday. Today does not count. I've made a step in the direction of unpacking, by organizing the bedside table, getting Gemini plugged in and troubleshot (she needs a driver and a dongle; the driver's now downloaded and on floppy; the floppy's stuck in her side awaiting reboot; the dongle's with Darkside), and making the bed. All of these things contribute to an atmosphere in which long-awaited new-like-used systems from overseas may be unpacked with all due ceremony and glee.

My bed is starting to look like a bed again. I have finally employed the dust ruffle as a ruffle, rather than a spare random sheet-type-thing. (My bed-making is approximate at best.) I discovered that my favorite huggy-rock was under the futon, giving lie to any claim I might have about my Pretty Pink Princess status. (I am shamelessly snagging the phrase from cadhla, who is awesome for more things than just her fic, filk, and assorted poetry.)

My bed is now fearsomely and awesomely ruffled, with black-grey-and-white dust ruffle skirting, a pale blue and white ruffled top, a white lace ruffle curtain for a headboard substitute, and a pale blue draping canopy above. This makes me happy. Soon, I shall sleep, but first: more photos! Blurry photo of Allegra's box, "next" has more, then bed and blurry apartment & such.

Bonus: Disemvowelling of bad commenters on other blog systems! (I would very much like for LJ to have "disemvowel" as a command for selected comments as well as delete, freeze, and screen!)

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