Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

More workplace fun...

We have a thing at work called the Book of Quotes, where some of the funniest damn things said in the workplace are recorded. It's a rubber-banded stack of quarter-size sheets of paper.

We also have a survey at work where people talk about their utility companies. One open-ended question is about why the respondent chose to give that numerical rating on a "Dealing with power outages" question. The response I found in my editing: "Because it shouldn't take that long to get it up." Before I edited it for context and clarity (to "Because it shouldn't take that long to get the power back up"), I pulled a screen capture for the book of Quotes.

Pink Shirt Guy took one look at it, snickered, and dumped the printout in the recycle bin.

(I have a copy saved in my Workplace Fun folder on the file system.)

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