Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

A fun-filled fantastic dream involving disparate elements such as my high school nemesis (the chronic liar who punched me when I was in 6th grade), searching for websites, Hogwarts, my ex living with her parents and three kittens from school, a store at home, repainting a house on the outside, and gods know what else. Oh, a math game for the PS2 much like DDR except math.

That might actually go over well, with kids' thing for computer games, as long as it was shiny enough and had a good soundtrack. There was this music game that danceswithunderwear had. You were singing or playing the guitar, and you pressed the buttons like DDR only on the controller, and if you got it right, the thing that was happening kept happening -- you were on a plane, and it stayed up in the air (or did neat tricks if you were really doing well); you were baking a cake; you were actually playing with the band -- if you had a math game that you could play in racecar mode, in fighting mode, in airplane mode, and probably a selection of other things, that might really catch on.

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