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Co-Worker Renaming

Phone Call In Supervisor is one of the older members of the supervisory team, just past 40, with a wife and kids at home. His wife and his mother call him at work reasonably regularly, and in fact often; this is why the nickname.

He and I had a rousing conversation the other day about various items of geekery. It seems that in his youth he was an utter geek himself -- programming and everything. (He screwed up his career by winding up doing something he oughtn't have, and the good places don't hire people with his record.) He was surprised that we still use flowcharting and COBOL.

Flowcharting is an essential communications tool -- until there comes up with something better, it's still going to get used to draw pictures of things so you can see a time-flow problem mapped out in space. (Animated flowcharts are going to be the next hot thing, my backbrain says.)

COBOL, on the other hand, is Old Stuff. But we young geeks still get taught the Old Stuff while there's legacy code still out there. It is, from all I've heard, a very stable and solid sort of thing, klunkety and dinosaur-ish, but going to keep running forever. And why throw out a perfectly good business app just because it's old? You'd have to spend all that money to replace it, and work out all those bugs... and convert everything you were using to run on something new...

So while the legacy code is still out there, young geeks have to learn how to interact with it.

I'm thinking that since Phone Call In Supervisor is still a geek at heart, though his training is many years out of date, and the Tech Wave seems to have passed him by, he should be re-dubbed ObsoL33t Supervisor.

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