Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

"___ needs... " (lemming)

Since mamajoan is a Joan too, and already googled "Joan needs", I went with Joanie, which is more my name anyway.

Joanie needs a little time to consider it.
Joanie needs a port activated in MC4.204C for a new printer.
Joanie needs AA really badly. (ed. - I have rechargeables.)
Joanie needs Chachi!
Joanie needs to exercise harder in the 30 minutes that she currently exercises.
Joanie needs this for her trip to Seattle. (ed. - Someday.)
Joanie needs some conditioner. (ed. - Aussie Knot Forgotten.)
Joanie needs prayers now!!
All Joanie needs to do is sit on him lol. (ed. - Yeah, I giggle during tickle fights.)
Joanie needs you!

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