Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fic Roundup

"The Things I Do For You" -- Blame Each Other crackfic. Polyjuice.

"Some Like It Fishy" -- Macdonald Hall (not MacHall).

"Find Our Mortal World Enough" -- Mad Maudlin, Harry/Ron/Hermione.

"Big Name DeathEater" -- Snape brags unwisely, then has to convince the only cooperative Mudblood he knows to play along to save face. Manipulative!Albus, Bitter!Teacher!Hermione, Pissed!Snape, Henpecked!Lucius, and The Lads. I was howling with laughter. Sequel!

"Once Upon A" Harry/Ron/Hermione, angsty.

"Travelodgers" -- Snape/Tonks. Sequel: "Room Service"

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