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Went shopping after work, for pizza for dinner to console me after work. Ran into digitalambience, who's working two jobs, this one much less than the other. His daughter's nine months old, and smart and a fair cry to be a holy terror already. I told him cautionary tales of Fuzzy's daughter scaling baby gates and swimming in ill-gotten candies.

digitalambience's obnoxious baby brother is married. His wife is a harpy. Semi-kidding, I asked how pregnant the bride was. Very, evidently. It was a Justice of the Peace cheat-marriage. There's currently no betting pool (that Adam knows of) to see how long Mike and this harpy last together. The baby's a couple months old.

digitalambience looks happy, and has lost that manic edge that scared me. He's for looking for a house in the next few months; if that falls through, he may well come back to this apartment complex; the Maintenance Witch Manager has invited him to return. (He and some rather scary roommates were evicted a few years back, under the old management.) As much as I wish him success and hope he gets a house, it would be nifty to have him as a neighbor. And the old apartment is empty now. Heh.

I shall have to tell Darkside that I seem to be on good terms with digitalambience again, and count up the exes again and do the figuring. Of them all -- I think the only one who's a fair bid to be utterly irreconcilable is BJ, and that on garnetdagger's safety regulations.

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