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Things that have been boiling in my mind for some time...

Holiday gift idea for my bondmate: (If it comes out in time. Um, nobody tell him, mkay? Though I should have a few words with his mother to try and make sure he doesn't get it for himself first when it does come out.)

Speaking of Coming Out, the day for that was just a few days ago. I can't imagine that anyone reading this journal regularly could be surprised by this, but I am not straight, and have known this since May 01, 1995. That's been ten years. Mama's fond wishes that it would be Just A Phase have well timed out, I think. (Though people can have distinctly long phases.) I am bisexual, though one could make argument for sapiosexual, because stupid people turn me off, no matter how decorative they may otherwise be. If I speak of someone as attractive with no qualifications added, one may be assured that there is some intelligence involved.

The exact details on "how much 'bi' is there in 'bisexual'?" are details not entirely suited for a public journal, but my dating record has been primarily with gentlemen, and my ogling has been primarily at ladies. It's a rare young woman who commands enough of my attention for me to wind up dating her, especially when the queue has been jumped by certain exceptional geekboys. It's a rare young man who is physically striking enough for me to eye him over and think, "Now that is one tasty item that I might not mind getting to know a little better if the contents match the packaging!" Given the statistics, I'm more likely to wind up a long-term item with a male, but given that I'm happily, if discreetly, polyamorous, I wouldn't mind sharing him with a select other or few. (Polyfi matches me better; I'd rather have a plural marriage than a one-night stand.)

 Perversion,Decadence, & Smug  

This thing has been begging for a colorbar for a long time. It also wants pictures, and I know what pictures it wants: a feather, some (expensive) chocolates, and lipstick... but at the moment I'm not sufficiently motivated to Google them down. (Yes, the grammar is off. It refers back to an actual statement a somewhat foolish* person made in a public place about a friend.)

<table cellspacing=0 width=500 height=50 border=5 border bordercolor="#000000" bordercolorlight=#000000 cellborder=0><tr ><td bgcolor="#FFFFCC" width=20%>&nbsp;</td><td bgcolor="#FFFF99" width=20% align=right><font color=#000000 size="+1">Perversion,</font></td> <td bgcolor="#993300" width=20% align=center><font color="#ffffff" size="+1"> Decadence, </font></td> <td bgcolor="#990000" width=20%><font color="#ffffff" size="+1"> & Smug </font></td> <td bgcolor="#660000" width=20%> &nbsp;</td> </tr></table><TABLE borderColor=#000000 height=50 cellSpacing=0 width=500 border=5 cellborder="0"><TBODY><TR><TD width="20%" bgColor=#ffffcc>&nbsp;</TD><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#ffff99><FONT size=+1>Perversion,</FONT></TD><TD align=middle width="20%" bgColor=#993300><FONT color=#ffffff size=+1>Decadence, </FONT></TD><TD width="20%" bgColor=#990000><FONT color=#ffffff size=+1>&amp; Smug </FONT></TD><TD width="20%" bgColor=#660000>&nbsp;</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

*I believe the prohibition is on calling one's brother a fool. And while she may have come to more wisdom in the intervening years, it's still a silly statement that (at this point) stands on its own.

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