Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Beta Audience

I've posted a few more pictures showing off the
dreadfully shiny and blue hair.

nilo, you may want to look at the punch
line at the end of the gallery.

In other words: GOTCHA!

No, I didn't cut or
dye my lovely frizzy
feral long hair. trystan_laryssa and I had
a girls' evening out, hit up Spirit, and got a few
things, wig included. We ran into the Animation
Acolyte too, which was awesome!

I also got eyeballs (ping-pong balls, appropriately
decorated) for my cleavage for the renfair -- to
return to those who have lost theirs.

I may be allergic or sensitive to the wig. I don't
have any other explanation for the itchy-bit on my
neck. Aggh. That would suck, because it looks so very
cool. It looks a lot like my natural hair -- there are
old photos of me with my hair that short, and it acts
just like that, except with a little more curl.

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