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Saturday morning was headed up by Grandma Cinderella Shift Ops Super. N00bs mean minus reports. I was check-in, so a lot of them paraded past me, including from the Figment's desk. Figment hates giving out bad monitor reports.

Sunday morning was Pink Shirt Guy. Boss's day, so I broke out flavored hot chocolate mix from my bribe stash. (I keep a stash of goodies in my backpack to bribe co-workers with. It's useful.) It was a calm day, in general.

The other check-in girl attempted to get me to stay for a second shift. I was thinking about it, sort of. She may well call in Monday, though. Who knows. I'm just hoping to get through this upcoming week in one piece.

They're recruiting for trainers (people to instruct the training classes) at work. I'm guessing that this is to enlarge the department so that one retirement and one serious illness will not bring the department down like it did for this thing, and so that things like last week's fiasco will never be repeated.

I brought this up to the Cute Desk Guy, and we wound up talking about this, that, and the other. I brought up the concept of my "Inner Warrior", and the mess that results when my Inner Warrior comes out in anticipation of playing. He mentioned something that led me to wonder about his mind-hacking capacity, and whether or not I could "come out" as more than single-minded.

Cute Desk Guy has definite potential to be the sort of long-term ally that Neighbor is. (For the newcomers: "Neighbor" is a fellow Alaskan who I've known for going on five years now. He's known of me since I was in high school, since it's a small state and there's only one That Idiot Shawn. He is an ally second only to my Darkside.)

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