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All the tasty happiness that can happen in 24 hours!

Monday morning, I woke up around 8:15 to the sound of the god damn telephone ringing. It turned out to be the same company that has been calling me for the past week or so -- not one that I'd ever had dealings with, but one that a former user of the telephone number had gotten tangled up with. A bill collector friend told me that the company's likely to call about three more times just to make sure that it's really the wrong number. At least I know what it is and why they're calling, and how to get in touch with them when they do cause a fuss.

I started reading LJ to soothe my ruffled feathers and entertain myself while on hold. It was at this point that I encountered The Post. Circumstances are relatively unimportant, but someone made a nearly unintelligible post in a community. Had it been someone else's community, I would have scrolled past and gone on, with perhaps some snide commentary in my journal here about the degenerate youth and how ellipses should be a privilege, not a right. But it was my community, and thus, my problem.

Someone (step up and claim it if you wish to) recently had the insight that chatspeak is designed to make the encoding-to-text job of the typist easier, but makes the decoding-from-text job of the reader worse. One really doesn't read chatspeak. One decodes it.

This post was not chatspeak, but was to the point of decoding rather than reading, as there were no capitals, and ellipses had been substituted for all the periods and almost all the commas in the lengthy unbroken paragraph.

I vented in another community, complete with a vicious parody of the style, and came back to the community in a far calmer frame of mind and made what I thought was a calm and polite (and even slightly funny) request for an edit or a cut tag.

Then I went to bed again. (8 am is my equivalent to what 1 or 2 am is for people with a more conventional bedtime.) I answered a few comments, then went off to give plasma.

I'm growing increasingly irritated with the Phoenix public transit system. If there are enough people on a bus to cause standing-room-only conditions, one really ought to have either more frequent buses or larger capacity buses. Standing room only on one of the older buses is not a fun condition. It's bad enough on a newer bus.

The plasma movie today was Kicking & Screaming -- I was happily watching it when Monday Night Football took over the tube. I thought about the bond instead, after that, and sort of watched the game, and thought about social monoculture with television as its medium of transmission. A melting pot of crayons comes out a random icky color, generally. A stew with varied ingredients can taste delicious, each contributing to the whole experience, but retaining its general nature (though picking up stuff from neighbors).

I came home to an inbox full of flames. One person had commented before I left that perhaps I was overly harsh in jumping on grammar. My sarcastic response that I was a nitpicking bitch (as well as in charge of the community and honestly trying to increase the readability of the post) got jumped on by people, and from the screening status of some, it looked like the original poster had brought in little buddies. The least pleasant of all the comments, and most profane, was the one from the original poster.

This ate up a good chunk of evening and a good chunk of patience. Dawn called just as I was banning the individual in question from my community, my journal, and another community where I moderate part-time; we shared horror stories from the week. (She had a doozy today.)

After I got done with all that, and chatted with onyxrising a bit, I decided I'd had enough of this silliness and walked to the store for the stew makings I'd been planning to get. Yay, stew. I talked about anything and everything with amberfox.

I wound up getting not only stew makings, but a few things to liven up the workplace and a long blue costume wig as well. Whee, blue hair! I'll model that one in a reasonable timeframe.

By the time I came out, it had started raining, and there was a definite trend towards thunder and lightning. The raindrops were huge and not entirely warm. Hooray, rain!

The stew is on. Laundry has been washed. The previous load of laundry has been put away. New air filters are in the air-filter-thingy. (Gosh, I'm technical.) Morning traffic is zooming merrily away outside. I'm glad Monday's over.

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