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I made Cute Desk Guy cry on Sunday.

I was telling him the backstory on the Stoner Dude thing, see, and when I got to the part where Stoner Dude had gone on break and come back (late) smelling strongly of "one of God's green herbs" (there's a certain amount of diplomacy recommended around Cute Desk Guy), the man put the story on pause so he could find something to mop at his eyes. The sheer stupidity involved brought tears to his eyes.

I was trying to get on the bus to go to the library just as someone who could only have been a lady of the night got off. I was talking with V on the cellphone at the time, and it was the sort of moment that's the middle of a conversation, and clearly the wrong time to enter the conversation, but the lady of the night lewdly informed me that I could probably make more money than she did. It's nice to hear from a complete stranger that I have nice boobs, but it was a seriously surreal moment.

Cracktastic Lone Power/Nita plot bunnies.

I have gotten Halloween-themed candies to distribute at work. I'm not sure if there will be enough to go around on the phone floor, but there are definitely enough for the supervisors. My Inner Slytherin is plotting ways of calculatedly demonstrating that I do actually care about my co-workers. I am good about caring. I am not good about expression.

(In the same "not good about expression" category: I regret adding to that girl's distress, but I don't see any other way it could have gone under the circumstances. And each irate message I get from her friends diminishes the amount of charity I feel for her.)

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