Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Ahh, communication in the workplace.

Two of the newest new hires (Tall, Handsome, & Duuuuhmb and a friend of his sporting a 'do like raranax-before-the-haircut) have a disturbing tendency of getting seated next to each other across the area, which means instead of working, they lean back or turn around and talk to each other.

Today, TH & D's shaggy friend was standing up at his booth at the extreme northwest end of Area 8, trying to communicate with a friend of his who was standing at the extreme northeast end of Area 9. The communication took the form of a rudimentary sign language composed in a large part of gestures, funny faces, and some unique mutant chicken dance.

At some point I'll draw a diagram of the seating arrangements at work, but suffice to say that real-time communications between these two seats during the working shift should not be happening, especially as both young men should have been sitting in their seats and facing into their booths.

I had more on the topic, but a sudden Blue Screen of Death at work ate it.

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