Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Called Darkside while I was on break today. His dad answered the phone. This means Darkside's dad is back home from the hospital! Hooray! Darkside didn't discuss the details overmuch, as he was in the same room as his father at the time, but I gathered and Darkside confirmed that his father was exasperating, cranky, a pain in the ass, and they were so glad to have him back.

I told Darkside the tale of the M&Ms last night, and there was much amusement. I pointed out the similarity of the "Oh shit I have M&Ms down my dress!" dance to the "ICE! ICE DOWN MY BACK!" dance -- they're essentially the same, except without the OMFG COLD.

I came back in without a headache, and grinning and warm all over. Everyone could tell who I'd just been talking to on my break. It shines off me like a 5000 watt theatre lamp under a mesh laundry basket. (Did Yeshua son of Mary consider the fire hazard possibilities of lamps under baskets?)

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