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High-energy computing

I was working cheerily away at my work computer Saturday night when things started getting unaccountably sluggish. I was annoyed. Then the dread Blue Screen and memory dump!

When I powered the box back on, there was an uncomfortable clunking noise. All attempts to boot ended in waiting for DHCP to respond, then having a problem with a non-system disk or disk error. Helpdesk, in response to my e-mail (from another, inferior, box in the bullpen) thought that the hard drive died, and the soonest they'd look at it for repair would be Monday.

I shan't be back until Tuesday.

Comic Pirate Super thinks the check-ins should have a more powerful computer. I happen to agree. That would be nice.

The thing had been rebuilt just recently. I am annoyed that it has to be messed with again so soon. Fortunately all my important files are on the network. It's tedious to set up everything just so and then have to do it again.

Evening shift was down by two supervisors tonight -- Practical Joker Supervisor was out, and Homie G called in last night to put in for a month's leave, due to a death in the family, and the necessity of an extended visit to Grandma across the border. Then Quiet Geek Super left due to an urgent lack of BBQ at the workplace. Trendy Chick was pissed. She and I were sharing a desk, as almost all the other computers in the bullpen are stacked two to a desk. The one she was at has a sucky mouse. The two on the other side of the bullpen are tacitly reserved for Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and company. The one at the far end is the timesheet computer and is only slightly speedier than a cosmic turtle at a few degrees above absolute zero. The desk opposite the check-in desk is tacitly reserved for the senior supervisor below the Shift Ops Super.

If the computer is still out on Tuesday when I'm next due in, I wonder if I could get away with bringing in Thalia to work from while things get repaired. I can't deal with the lack of desk space to do all my check-in stuff. Things fall over messily and to great effect. (I wound up taking a bow for the benefit of the amused Area 9 when a clipboard clattered down from the top of the monitor.) The network jack needs a new box anyway. Damn, forgot to put that on the booth out e-mail.

I came in Friday to find that I couldn't access the network. Turned out that the cable was disconnected from the jack-in-the-box that is installed at foot level by the desk. I attempted to twitch the plug back home, but no such luck. I dropped to the floor in the familiar geek push-up position, prone on eye level with the equipment of interest. I found that the jack was pushed so far back inside the box that plugging it in was impossible.

There had been geeks in Area 10 and around, so I went and flagged one (the contractor who'd been looking for the switch in the bullpen some weeks ago) down, telling him that I needed IT help or a screwdriver. I explained in brief, using correct terminology. The contractor came back with me, repeated the geek push-up, and headed off to get a screwdriver. The jack is naked right now, so I scavanged a black plastic supply bin and shoved that in place to protect my precious network connection from stray feet, the same stray feet that doubtless disconnected it in the first place.

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