Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Cow-orker update

There's always at least one. Problem Child was the first one I noticed, he who wound up singing "Girls just want to have fun" far too late and on an open line while being monitored, badly out of tune. Stoner-boy was just thick. King of Birdbrains was surreal as well as stroppy. Now, Tall, Handsome, and Duuuuhmb is as advertised. There's a little too much blond in the boy, and he left his booth a mess.

Stoner Boy doesn't work with us anymore.

It's not to say that an employee of this type does not have potential. Groucho Marx Phone Goon worked with the company some years back and was an employee of difficulty. This time around, he has distinct potential, and may even be under consideration to help out. Heck, I was very much not a model employee. This time, I have ambition and drive.

But there's a certain attitude that bodes ill for people. Part of that attitude is a cheerful disregard for the spirit of the rules of the workplace. This guy has a lot of that.

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