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Assorted little amusements:

Funny: P-p-p-powerbook! How to scam back an eBay scammer! In a 2003 stunt worthy of StrongBad, this eBay auctioneer smelled a rat with the winning bid. He proceeded to lull the scammer into a false sense of security, then instead of sending the scammer a functional Powerbook in exchange for no money, sent -- a P-p-p-powerbook. (Food and drink not recommended.)

Surreal: Sailfish! (via metaquotes) Elderly volunteers at a museum do not always cope well with seasonal exhibit change.

Death Metal: Death Metal Real Estate! (Link is to translation by thette, as original is in Danish.)

More Death Metal: Heavy Metal Fairytales This one's also been making the rounds. The setup: A beautiful princess is trapped in a castle; the castle is watched by a dragon. And here comes her metalhead knight! (Warning: not all metalhead knights are work-safe, or trigger-safe. Sex & death, not necessarily in that order. Non-explicit. Text only.)

Sculpture: San Fransisco. Sculpted out of Jell-O. Scale model. Includes earthquake video. Found multiple places on LJ.

Cats: Spainy-cat discovers wildlife. " taking a Chinese parade dragon to the face." cmpriest's writing is a treat, especially with a side-splitting cat story. (Again, food and drink disrecommended.)

People with good links: theweaselking links a lot of scary and awesome things.

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