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"Welcome to the wonderful world of timesheets."

Seems that the new system is a pain in the ass for working on the back end. And all the phone goons pulled to assist have to have all their time entered by hand. That's upwards of 20 records a day to alter by hand, and the typical rate for supervisory record alterations on the new system is 5 or 6 records per hour, and 6 is fast. That's leaving aside all the regular phone goon record alterations, which take less time, but there are a lot more of them.

So about ten of us phone goons pulled to assist on a regular basis (like, we're practically never on the phones) are getting to fill out time sheets in the big system rather than just the handy-dandy little spreadsheet we were using.

More things to learn, yaaaaay. (But. Whee! Real live grown-up spreadsheets! Just like a real staff member!)

That was yesterday. Today was long and busy. My desk got mobbed first thing in the morning. I absolutely loathe it when the booth assignment lists go up early, incidentally -- this means that any last-minute alterations to the schedule have to happen very fast and not entirely accurately -- there's always the chance that someone will have seen a wrong booth before changes to reflect last-minute call-ins are committed. But Pink Shirt Guy does it that way when he leaves. (And he left at 4 this morning. I was out of there at midnight. There was a lot of paperwork to catch up with because of the new system and how phone goons assisting like I am haven't been done the same way as per Corporate for the past week, and he just found out about this yesterday.)

Tuesday the whole phone center was down for almost the whole day because of a server crash. People have been coming in for extras to make up for the time they lost, both dayshift people and nightshift people. This morning -- oy. This morning, there were 17 people in who hadn't made it on the schedule. Most of them had been under the impression that they should have been scheduled. There were not 17 seats immediately available to sit them in. I didn't even get the chance to go stand up front by the welcome desk with my clipboard. Immediately as 8:15 hit (shift starts at 8:30; people can come and take their seats 15 minutes before the official start of shift) I was engaged by someone needing a seat, then another, then another ... and then I was mobbed.

The mob scene was mostly people standing around my desk, and I'm very fortunate that I was behind my desk and not up standing, or I'd have had a bad panic attack, and waiting for booths, being very insistent about waiting for booths and impatient enough to panic me, and raiding the candy dish. (The candy dish was put there to be raided, so at least that part was working.) Stressy College Chick told me afterwards that I'd handled the mob scene very calmly and professionally. I guess she doesn't see through the glass mask.

Of course, it seemed like twice as many people as missing booths were up there looking for me, and I had to sift out the ones who genuinely didn't have a booth from the ones who were too new to know where to look, exactly, for their booth number. Some late people slipped in, I think.

It got gradually less hectic as the new trial walker, the damn competent iPod Phone Goon, made everything peace by running all over and doing all kinds of crap like handing out memos and monitor reports.

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