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Azure Jane Lunatic

All whee and stuff.

Sleep schedule has eaten me. Good job I woke up in the middle of the night to find that my smarter-than-good-for-it alarm clock decided to observe daylight savings time without me. (Arizona does not do daylight savings time. My alarm clock does. I have to catch it lest I be late for work.) 4 hours sleep, and awake now. Gotta get some more sleep. Don't have to be up until 6.

AD & D Book of Sex. theferrett has some recent pithy commentary on same, mostly the flaws. [awake enough to link as of 6:24 am]

Carlton Draught Big Ad. A beer ad worth watching. Rather meta.

Hetracil! The spoof anti-gay drug! (For men only.) metaquotes says it's the same people as the Onion.

PMS: the Game! (Potentially offensive.)

Lost as done by assorted different directors. Probably more amusing if you're a) familiar with Lost, and b) familiar with the other directors.

Birdhouse in your Soul music video via Google Video Search. ataniell93, the skinny John looks disturbingly like the teenage Tom Riddle actor!

Penis cake. No, seriously. Penis cake. (Warning: explicit detailed pierced trimmed-haired erect frosting penis.)

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