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Azure Jane Lunatic

One day follows another

Sunday! The day of my double shift!

Next to the other check-in girl, I feel like a slacker. I covered four shifts check-in; she covered four shifts check-in. I monitored one shift. She worked on the gol-dang new timeclock system back-end paperwork for three, at glacial speed. (This is positively racing compared to typical and pessimal.)

Morning was fairly quiet. I have been bringing in treats -- there has been a candy bowl on my desk. The thing emptied several times and had to be refilled over the weekend. There were some very bad pun moments: Stressy College Chick has a fondness for peanut butter chocolates. One of the types of candy was a peanut butter sphere in chocolate, wrapped in a foil designed to look like an eyeball, with red-veined whites, and luminous metallic irises. At several times during the day, when I detected Stressy College Chick's stress level going up beyond the bad, I lobbed a chocolate at her, aiming low so it came to earth on her desk with still plenty of momentum left. When one particularly forceful chocolate plopped off her desk and landed in her chair, she had to ask:

"What are you doing?"
"I'm rolling my eyes at you."

Work was reasonably forgettable. Everything added. No major malfunctions except for a person leaving irate; they'll be speaking to Pink Shirt Guy soon enough. I'm glad we've been having walkers lately, because of all the new people with new-person questions. The evening shift was another one of those scary ones with not enough supervisors in. Quiet Geek Super was out. Obso1337 Super is in Vegas. Homie G and Short Chick are both on leave. Shocking Gum Super was going to have the day off, but when Stressy College Chick called him, he came in, and the two people running jobs were him and Trendy Chick. Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and Clone Name Super were dayshift. So Management made it another pizza night. Hooray Management.

My stress crunched my neck again. I noticed it happening and tried to stop it. I wound up accepting a neck rub from Cute Desk Guy. He is strong enough to wallop my stubborn muscles into submission. I was standing straight for what felt like the first time in weeks after that. Then my muscles went all crunchy again.

I did get to talk with Darkside for a while. I called him on break of the 2nd shift. He was a lot more cheerful. He'd won his workplace's costume contest as the Grim Reaper. I wound up standing back in Fulfillment watching the clock, there in that big dark room alone with him on the phone. On the phone in the dark seems to be the best time for us. (He has an entirely different image of me than my co-workers do. I really can't say as to who's got the more correct image.)

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