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Halloween (a rather secular day, actually)

Quiet day. Off the radar. I dressed up, went to the work party, came home. No trick-or-treaters. Read Callahan's Con, which I was thinking was more likely to be about a convention than a confidence game. (That's the old term for "social engineering", folks.)

Darth Vader is sexier than I am. On a good day, I collect a handful of honks, whistles, and assorted hails all day. Darth Vader -- I stopped counting the honks in the first four minutes of my twenty minute walking commute. At the party, someone's kid wanted to have their picture taken with Darth Vader. The kid is evidently an immense Vader fanboy. I think I made his holiday. On my walk home, some anonymous wit shouted, "Daddy! You're home!" at me. (I was reminded of iharthdarth.)

nanowrimo has commenced. I have a keyboard shortcut for the word count in WordPerfect, now.

I am also feeling very uneasy about the state of my dental health. I am not in pain (yet), but there are certain warning signs that tell me that some more fixing-up of my mouth is overdue. I had been getting my mouth overhauled as of a few years ago, but I discontinued the project abruptly based on a Very Bad Dentist Day where I almost left the office with un-filled holes drilled in. I was hoping that I'd make staff and get dental benefits (not to mention other health insurance) but that doesn't seem likely in the near future. It is unsettling to be without health insurance of any kind.

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