Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Another day of generally fruitless pursuits, except they make me happy.

Conspiracy Theory: Bush wants to see Jesus so badly he's starting the End Times on purpose. That's cheating, Shrubbery. Please consult your local clergyperson to be smacked over the head with a Holy Book of your choice.

The Arcata Eye Police Log -- a cornucopia of, um, something almost entirely, but not quite, unlike love. Priceless inspiration for the novel.

Blue Ball Machine. You know those little animations that tile? Yeah. Utterly safe for work. Not safe at all for the distractable or those who need to actually do something. (Via quillismightier.)

Presidential Speechalist: A satirical look at the science behind a Shrubbery speech. (Via theferrett.)

OMG RACECAR BANG BANG: (Mis)adventures of a sock monkey.

Napoleon Dorkemite: a new enemy of the Goth Club Scene (via metaquotes.)

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