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Half-dressed. Hiking. Happiness.

In part because of the company I've been keeping, I'm starting to feel half-dressed if I go out either with my legs showing or without wearing shorts under my long skirt. I thought I'd be just running down the block a bit to pick up something. I wound up wandering off on a bus because the first place was closed. The second place turned out to have shut down for the night by the time I got there, despite good bus karma.

I made the belated discovery that oh, my phone does have a stopwatch function, so I may well start posting the walking logs again.

Days off are good things. I'm thinking of re-arranging the apartment, because that's the only surefire way I know to revive a flagging interest in housework. This will inevitably mean moving my canopy, but that can be handled. At least I don't have to move a ceiling-star too.

Life is good.

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