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Pottermania! Potterlunatic!

Purchased my ticket for the festivities. Local HP connections: at what time are the festivities starting, assuming one's going to the Metrocenter midnight showing?

I've got Thursday and Friday off work, see. So I can party. And that's the reason I gave, too: Potter movie release. At work, I am almost expected to be eccentric and geeky. I have a reputation to maintain.

I'm not sure if I'm going in costume or not. I've not really got anything in the way of specific costume, but I'm definitely bringing cloak and wand, just on general principle. It's getting cool enough to appreciate something warm in the middle of the night (since it's a late-night showing, my transportation home is shank's mare) and the pockets on that are more convenient and secure than a purse. The wand -- it's handy to have one of those about!

But. Yes. Tickets. Metrocenter at midnight. I'll be early so I can at least take a bus there and get a decent seat. You?

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