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Hellooooo the Thursday.

Wednesday was not a good communication day at work. Hi, Mercury. Nice to be seeing so much of your ASS. It's getting exceedingly rare that I lose my words. It's even more rare that I lose them at work. It's unheard-of that I have to stutteringly explain to my co-workers: "Brain overload. Words. My. Lost."

That, of course, was my Wednesday. I was behind enough at work that the Pink Shirt Guy wound up reading himself his own hours. I barely had time to breathe. There were too many people on the one survey. There were not enough on the other. My brain got tangled in itself. It feels like I'm doing everything slower each successive day. That's not a good feeling.

Evidently "self-loathing" is not a popular look at work.

But. I did get things done. I did do my work. I was a Good Little Fayoumis, and yay. My short and pointed little e-mail to a manager did get through. (A respondent had complained about a survey. Manager was saying, "Eh, it's just one person complaining." My e-mail made it clear that it was a constant problem.) 20 minutes is not "a few brief questions", and never has been. Used to be more like an hour. But. Hee. Management now knows that:

a) respondents complain about it to me when I dial
b) respondents complain about it to the phone goons I monitor when I monitor
c) respondents who already did the survey complain about it when I call back to verify that yeah, our employee did too do a survey with y'all (used to randomly make sure that it wasn't a phone booth or anything)
d) this has been happening since forever.

So. Management is going to have Words with People. (In this case, since it's not me dealing with People, it's a good thing.) Yay!

Other than that...

Goslings making weird requests about bags.
Goslings just wandering off.
I have been explaining the "gosling" thing to co-workers. It fits very well.

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