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I don't have enough spare time.

pornish_pixies: "Mates" Harry/Ron, not safe for work, Dad, or cousin. The line about following directions comes from here.

LiveJournal Move Blog: LJ moved from Seattle to San Francisco. Watch them go apenuts in retrospect!

Current pic-loading issues are due at least in part to the fact that their disks are acting like an under-staffed retail store in the manic holiday season. They've got enough stuff in stock (disk space) but not enough employees to help all the customers at once (spindles; the disks are always busy storing or retrieving something, and those take a non-negligible amount of time) so the queues are incredible.

biichan: a GoF drabble: "Moody"/Dumbledore

Via slashdot: Top 20 Geek Novels (an unscientific but interesting set of poll results).

Via the daily_snitch: I'm Mad-Eye Moody and so is my wife: a pseudo-script summary of the movie. Much snark. Much spoiler. Yay!

"Christmas Lights" -- video clip showing some well-synchronized Christmas lights. Sound is essential for the full effect. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Evidently constructed from stills (look for the blinking tower light above the star; watch it with the sound off) but masterfully done! Firefox didn't like it, but (IMNSHO) it's worth dusting off the spare browser to see.

I'm currently Lost in a Good Book.

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