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My past few days, activities thereof:

Wednesday: work.

Thursday: had the day off. Prepared for what I thought was going to be a huge line party with happy activity fun stuff. Wound up being a fairly boring line, and people weren't out of the building very early.

Thursday at midnight/Friday morning early: Potter. Walked home. Gushed at length about the sheer delight of it all once I did get in.

Friday: lazed about at home. In the evening, suddenly decided that I was bored, and went off to watch the thing a second time.

Saturday: work. After work was out, a figment0 accosted me via telephone and chastised me for seeing the newest Potter movie twice without him (how did he find out I'd seen it twice? Is he lurking on LJ more often than usual?) and dragged me out to see it. Again. ; )

Sunday: Thought I was pulling a double shift. Stumbled into work exhausted. Much relieved when it transpired that I'd been faulty in my communications skills and my opposite was in fact coming in. Returned home. Went to bed with a splitting headache.

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