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Collection of Potter-related posts

ataniell93 has impressions of the movie. More of friends hanging out gossiping than Serious Discussion, but if you like her fic, there may be some plot bunnies and insights lurking.

sarahtales summarizes the movie in the re-scripting format. More crack = more fun. For all of us. Especially for the kinkier members of the audience.

From a Russian-language blog of some sort, lyrics to "Magic Works" and "Do the Hippogriff" (corrected for English punctuation and spelling):
Magic Works

Dance your final dance
This is your final chance
To hold the one you love
You know you’ve waited
Long enough

So believe that magic works
Don’t be afraid I'll be in hurt
Don’t let this magic die
The answers there
Oh, just look in her eyes

And make your final move
Hmmm don’t be scared
She wants you to
Yeah it's hard
You must be brave
Don’t let this moment slip away

So believe that magic works
Don’t be afraid, afraid I’ll be in hurt
Don’t let this magic die
The answers there
Just look in her eyes

And Don’t believe that magic can die,
No no no this magic can't die

So dance your final dance,
‘Cause this is your final chance


All right Hogwarts… are you ready for some real music?

I gotta hear ya… all right.
Come on, I wanna see your hands in the air.
We’re going to teach you a brand new dance tonight.
So move your body
You gotta help us Hogwarts
Together we can do this thing
Are you ready?

Move your body like a hairy troll
a learning to rock and roll
I spin around like a crazy elf
a dancing by himself
I boogie down like a unicorn
I brew a storm 'til the break of dawn
a put your hands in the air
Like an ogre just don’t care

Can you dance the hippogriff
Mama ma mama ma mama ma
Flying off from the cliff
Mama ma mama ma mama ma
Swooping down to the ground
Mama ma mama ma mama ma
Wheel around and around and around
Mama ma mama ma mama ma

Move around like a scary ghost
Who’s spooking himself the most
Shake your booty like a boggart in pain
Again and again and again
Get it on like an angry specter
Whose definitely out to get ya
Step your feet like a leprechaun
Get it on, get it on


... and if anyone knows what's supposed to be there instead of "barber", do feel free to tell me! [edited to add: I googled a little more; it's "boggart".]

kerrypolka: Cedric Diggory is very, very gay.

thegraybook saw the movie.

bethbethbeth has a random GoF poll about tears and pairings. Cracky pairings, see the comments! OTPs form here!

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