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Cleaning house!

Since it's likely that the whole affair will convene at my place, it behooves me to clean. Being a bachelor means that you never have to clean up after anyone else (unless you have guests). It also means that no one else cleans up after you.

I have to take down the Christmas list, as Darkside's name figures prominently on there. (Ack. Since Gurps VK won't be out for a while, what do I get him?)

Any and all "adult materials" must be diligently put away. It's not that I'm ashamed of that side of myself, it's that it would be a boundary violation to proudly show off this stuff to my bondmate, even though I know a few non-specific things about him as well.

I re-arranged my apartment to put my bed at the southeast corner with the head to the East, rather than at the northeast corner with the head to the North. This means that the rest of the apartment needs furniture re-arranged to suit this new order of things, and any time the furniture gets re-arranged, that means vacuuming.

Things I haven't seen in months are surfacing. I think this means that I should be religiously obligated to re-arrange my place twice a year. It's what I like to do to get things that have been feeling stagnant stirred up again. The weather's getting colder, which means that I go all hyperactive. Sis went into hibernation, and blossomed as the weather heated up. I wilted when the temperature started hitting the 90s, but came back to life when things started feeling more like summer in Alaska. (Oh. Excuse me. "Construction.")

I'm making all sorts of little discoveries. There are three spare batteries for Gemini, which is the computer that azwriter is using now. I found Tigereye's spare battery too. I'll have to hand off the spare batteries and the CD drive to azwriter; it actually might be nice if Gemini could become the writing group's loaner laptop for those emergency type situations. When V gets back, I'll make sure Tigereye gets her other battery. I have a guest bed, from V. It is inflatable. It is deflated, in a box, and now in my closet.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm cleaning so ferociously. It's not like I'll be able to take care of everything, and it's not like my friends will care what my place looks like as long as it's reasonably well-kept-up; we're friends, and neither of them have seen me in a while. Neither of them have seen each other in a while either. But I want things nice for Dawn, and I have ... I have a thing where Darkside's concerned. Even though he's seen me at my worst, I want to give him a chance to see me at my best. And sometimes it feels like I'm auditioning for a part. If he's holding auditions, I want to make the first cut.

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