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... wtf?

Within the past couple weeks, I had a very unusual call in.

There's an 800 number that rings directly to the bullpen in the field department of the call center. All the phone goons have a notice in their booths with the number so that they can give it out to respondents when the respondents feel they need to speak to someone who's perhaps over the rank of the general supervisor who you'd be able to find when asking a phone goon to get their supervisor.

The other day, someone called and wanted my number. Not the company's number. My number. When I told him that I couldn't give that out, and I'd get in trouble if I gave it out, he asked me to take down a number. I did. He said, after I'd taken it down, that this was so I could call him and we could go out to dinner together.

Leaving aside the fact that it was a Baltimore area code, I told him that I was throwing the number out now, and this conversation was over.

... the hell?

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