Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sweet with the bitter

If I were being angry and passive-aggressive today, I'd say that I had nowhere to go and nobody loves me.

That's not really the kind of day I'm having. I don't think I got explicitly invited anywhere. I'm having a very quiet day at home with my computer and the apartment that still needs work before I'll be happy about showing it off to two of my best friends. I finished up the first Artemis Fowl book early this morning. Compared to Harry Potter, it's more hip and self-conscious, has simpler vocabulary and concepts, and is cruder. On its own merit it's got a little cryptography but very elementary stuff, some UST, a lot of underdeveloped characters who presumably get fleshed out more in books to come, and fart jokes.

As I predicted, I had a very quiet day at home. figment0 did come over, and I explained exactly why the Bad Ravenclaw Moment was bad. He hadn't been explicitly aware that getting me very tired was so similar to getting me drunk. I made him aware of this.

I finally got in touch with Dawn about what time we were all supposed to meet up. An exercise in frustration, getting in touch with her. I called Darkside and vented a bit.

Seems that the reason certain of my local friends have been avoiding me is because of nanowrimo. They're under the mistaken impression that every spare moment has to be text. Um, no. Quit that a few weeks ago.

I'm delivering a bottle of the finest-kind black stuff to Dawn when I see her tomorrow. Empty Pom bottles make beautiful containers for gift-size portions of cordials that have been made in three-liter batches. This stuff has been aging for a while. I was trying to track down the entries about the making of the stuff, or the photo I have of it in the bottle and me trying to shine a light through it, but I haven't found that. This worries me. Has it existed forever, and have I just thought that I made it?

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