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Baka baka bleak despair/ Neko neko everywhere... (Original Japanese title: Lunch! To watch a movie!)

The original plan, as pried out of Dawn last night: meet at Metrocenter at 11:30-ish, get lunch, see movie. Dawn and her husband were to pick me up, as bus service on Sundays is spotty, and I wanted to show her my new place anyway. They were supposed to come by at 11. I decided to set my alarm for 10 to be on the safe side. (Usually, a half-hour before departure time is all I need.) But I know how these things work.

At 10:30 (approximately) the phone rang. Did I mention that Darkside is very often at least an hour early to any given event? I have come to factor this in to my plans after the notorious broken VCR event of a few years back. He'd lost my right number; he'd had to call Dawn to get it.

Dawn brought Thanksgiving leftovers for me, a nice large plateful. I stashed them in the refrigerator. Thursday I mostly had popcorn and carrots, because I wasn't really hungry. We went out and had lunch. We carpooled. Dawn has a new car. We went in that. Darkside's car still needs a serious workover. The thing with the shaking has been fixed; a tired needed replacing. Lunch was Fuddrucker's, in the Elvis booth. I was quiet. I can hold my own with Darkside and Dawn, but when Dawn's husband enters the fray, I'm out of the conversation, because he dominates any conversation he's in, and when it's television and movie trivia, I'm lost unless it's something I've read books about or actually seen myself, and that's rare.

Dawn invited me to the family Thanksgiving the year after next (next year, it's going to be in California), and made it known to Darkside that he is invited as well. I let Dawn know that I'd love to come, unless some more immediate family obligations happen. (What I meant, of course, was that as much as I would love to be with Dawn for Thanksgiving, if Darkside's mom invites me, I'm there. Dawn deciphered my meaning handily.)

Movie was good, for the fourth time. There was elbowing and whispering. Dawn pulled her seating magic and made sure that Darkside and I were sitting together. Darkside and Draco Malfoy look a lot alike again, except Darkside's hairline is further back, his hair is darker, and he's more pointy.

The bond needed that time in the quiet and dark.

I know how to get him to talk: I just sit there and be quiet.
I think I know, now, how to court him.

Dawn's husband is a California driver. Enter the California Driver versus the Arizona Black Friday Mall. The finger was utilized. Darkside and I exchanged glances. Dawn murmured soothing platitudes. I waved at the college as we passed it, and joined Darkside in saluting it. Darkside salutes all of his former institutions of learning thus. I find it endearing.

We discussed the movie, but seemed to find it overall good. I grumped about one thing that bothered me (a specific thing was named incorrectly) and lo, debate sprang up as to whether it was correct or not. This moved on into discussing other movies, and in particular something particularly cheesy starring Bruce Willis in a comedy pretending to be an action flick.

Dawn and her husband had to depart, as they had family dinner things to do. Darkside left then as well. I gave Dawn some of the promised blood cordial.

Life is good.

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