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Arm? Leg? I'm yours.

My bed smells like Darkside.

He was perched there earlier, talking about work. Turns out that Darkside and Dawn's husband work on different sides of the same general thing, different companies in interlocking lines of work. For now, at any rate. It's not Darkside's field. He's for a job in his field.

He can get so very animated when he's talking about something he's got strong pent-up opinions on. Focused. Determined. He knows what he wants, and how he's going to go about making it happen. Action. Fire.

I am Air and Earth -- both immovable and malleable. I stay steady at the bottom of things, or I fall like a landslide if someone disrupts me deep-down, or I fit around whatever's in my way, making my space in the emptiness.

I like his style.

I think I'm falling in love all over again.

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