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I think I failed my sleep roll.

I've been having sleep issues lately. My sleep schedule is all screwed up, and I'm not sure how to put it right. I went to bed at 11:30-ish, and woke up at 2 unable to get back to sleep. I did wind up getting maybe another half-hour nap before the alarm clock went off. I'm lucky that I'm starting out feeling sharp and ready to hit the day, or else this would be a hellish ordeal.

Incidentally, I'm pulling a double shift today. I took the precaution of preparing myself 500+ mL of sweetened espresso with chocolate in a flask. (Well, more of a bottle than a proper flask, but it's the idea that counts. I wonder if any of the Junque Shoppes will sell a replica of Mad-Eye Moody's flask? That's some cool equipment there.)

The plan is to not hit the coffee unless and until I actually start feeling groggy, though I may violate that straight off because it's so tasty-smelling.
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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