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I think I failed my sleep roll.

I've been having sleep issues lately. My sleep schedule is all screwed up, and I'm not sure how to put it right. I went to bed at 11:30-ish, and woke up at 2 unable to get back to sleep. I did wind up getting maybe another half-hour nap before the alarm clock went off. I'm lucky that I'm starting out feeling sharp and ready to hit the day, or else this would be a hellish ordeal.

Incidentally, I'm pulling a double shift today. I took the precaution of preparing myself 500+ mL of sweetened espresso with chocolate in a flask. (Well, more of a bottle than a proper flask, but it's the idea that counts. I wonder if any of the Junque Shoppes will sell a replica of Mad-Eye Moody's flask? That's some cool equipment there.)

The plan is to not hit the coffee unless and until I actually start feeling groggy, though I may violate that straight off because it's so tasty-smelling.

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