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Things about today:

I have 8 hours until I have to be awake from ... now. Laundry not yet out of dryer.

Lots of computers on crack today. Told Scary Disagreeable Old Lady (the one who was sitting next to you for the early bit of the shift, othercat) the AI koan about rebooting from back in the early days of computing. It is not enough to power-cycle blindly. I let most of Area 7 borrow my nerf cluebat to wallop their machines with. (The Scary Disagreeable Old Lady was about ready to either go home or kick her screen in, so I figured a cluebat was probably the best bet.) This was good for morale.

Office forgot to pull one entire job for today, so I had a gazillion wallflowers. Seating wallflowers takes time. Finding people briefed on the Dendarii Brewing Company survey takes time. Fortunately, I was able to have Quiet Geek Super just take all the extras and get them briefed. That mess ate up about an hour and a half of my time, along with assorted "My computer's broken!" woes.

Office has heaped more responsibilities upon the head of the Me. Since some of it duplicates what I was already doing for due diligence purposes (ie, track butts in seats against people logged in) I might just be able to talk to the office and see if I can't swing it the other way, or what-all. I think it might be statistically significant that fewer people slip through on my shifts. They want me to run absences against logins at the end of the night. Doing that for 25+ people takes 15 minutes to half an hour, given that each checked person takes about 30 seconds to run against the system. Considering begging for an online attendance system like the online monitoring system. I am geek enough to be able to write the requirements document for that. I want tickyboxen and autotickyagainstthesystem, dammit.

Bad Phone Call In today. othercat got a rat bastard respondent who thought he was funny, and thought he'd go ahead and insult the person he was talking to while he was calling to talk to a supervisor at the company. Wanted to reach through the phone and shove dirty laundry down his gullet, or alternatively spam him off the net entirely as he was convinced that we spammed in our spare time anyway. Gave othercat one of the motivational lollipops on principle for having to deal with him first. Reincarnation's too good for the likes of that character.

Errors in spreadsheets at the end of the night. Wanted to be out of there by 11:30-11:45. Got out of there at 1:30.

4:16 now. Have to be up in another 7 hours 14 minutes. I had to do laundry, see.

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