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A multifaceted confusing life object

  • Now I know that the Universe is trying to tell me to examine my life closer, for I will find fictional villains lurking in it. First, a young man with the oddly-spelled first name of a major Shayara Problem. Now, another young man (v. pretty) with the last name of a major family allied with Grindelwald in the House of Ill Faith series. I'm not entirely sure what the message is, beyond this, but I don't think it's one I want to hear, which is why I've been resisting hearing it. But that's a smack in the face to be sure.

  • There is beef jerky drying in my kitchen. The meat was on sale, I live by myself and have a tiny freezer, and beef jerky is good. I am refining the process still, which is why this set is going to be too salty and potentially too dry.

  • I had a decent enough day, and the paperwork did not kill me. In fact, I had the spare time to do a little extra project on the side: some digging into archives, retrieving data, and socking it up in a spreadsheet for Management to do things with. Stressy College Chick is fond of the locution that goes "And we need to X, and by 'we' I mean 'you'."

    It would have taken her hours, and when a project takes hours, it often takes days to do in between tasks. I slapped together a spreadsheet, started digging in the archives, and damn if my keyboard shortcuts didn't come in handy. So much easier to click open a folder, arrow-and-enter around to open the proper file, page through the file to find the data, alt-tab back and forth to fill in the new spreadsheet, ctrl+w the archived sheet closed, arrow to the next pertinent file, and enter it open, than to use massive mouseclicking or paper-shuffling to get the same results. Since I don't know the keyboard commands to up a file level in an open file manager window, I used the mouse for that.

    But that was it. Four months worth of weekends I paged through. Now, if I were super-1337, I'd have written myself a script to do that for me. But a) if I tried to write scripts to run on the system I'd probably be banninated, and b) I have no script-fu.

  • Didn't get the chance to call Darkside. Today's shift was voluntarily extended. Ratio was 1:15.12 supervisor hours:phone goon hours, which is good for a voluntary extended shift. My hours today were 12.25, which means I got there as the sun was rising and the morning grackles were pointing their long beaks to the sky and shrieking a salute to the dawn, and I left well after the sun had gone down and there was not so much as a peep from the colony nested in the trees above the office.

  • Bond is ... is ... is ... um. I think we are entering the zone of finding the minimum amount of contact the bond can exist on, and then halving that and trying to make it work anyway. 95% packet loss, with the packets that do make it through intact, is far better than 50% packet throughput with all packets useless. It is frustrating as all fuck to go down to 5% throughput from a near-100% throughput, though.

    Granted, the near-perfect throughput also had encrypted packets and me without the key for most of them, but... Argh?


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