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Little bits of joy and sorrow

  • may well be the Girls' something-or-other Out spot this time. I'm not entirely sure I'd fit in with all the Beautiful People there, but eh. Pretty place.

  • Today at work a late arrival complimented me on my being all gothed-out. The new skirt is flattering, and evidently ever-so-goth. I may have to return and see if the duplicate isn't still there. (And if it is, I'll wash it twice -- this one is still bleeding! My legs and fingernails turned purple!)

  • From bipolypagangeek, I comment: If I marry, it's going to be someone who I'm sure I'll want to come home to/to come home to me near unto forever. Someone I won't swear "'til death do us part" lest I cut things short. Polyamory is religious, for me. There's enough of me that's a devotee of Aphrodite that I would be in very serious trouble if I tried to force my mind into monogamy.

    I love by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month, by the year, by the century. I celebrate all my loves gladly, and could no sooner deny that I love them than deny that I live to write. But I'd only marry someone who I love steadily as well as brilliantly.

  • hp_literotica: "In the Country of Last Things", which is beautiful. Cedric Diggory is mourned, in a host of voices.

  • dawnalone tapped me to list 10 things that bring me joy. So, in no particular order the order in which they came into my Loony little head:
    1. A good song, especially one that I love that I haven't heard in a long time.
    2. Someone doing something small and thoughtful for me.
    3. Seeing/talking with/getting e-mail from Darkside.
    4. When the electricity in the air promises something secret and strange around the corner, and the wind sings it to those who have the ears to hear.
    5. Creating something wonderful.
    6. Helping someone learn something, especially when they never thought they'd understand it.
    7. Delightfully witty interactions.
    8. A good book or a good movie.
    9. Sharing a book or movie I love with someone who hasn't discovered it yet.
    10. Late-night gossip sessions, especially over coffee or hot chocolate.


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