Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

"Pasta salad with alfredo sauce" is macaroni and cheese for grown-ups.

I continue to be irresponsible with NET SEND. Of course, irresponsibility is relative. It's not like I'm crumpling up paper and tossing it across the room. (This time. The other times, I completely missed my target by about 4 inches. Much better than hauling off and hitting the co-worker with a fist, eh? Anger management is great.)

I send myself Booths Behaving Badly draft e-mails throughout the weekend, so I can forward it to the Sunday II check-in and the person making the seating chart, so the person doing the seating chart won't seat people there to start with, and the check-in will know that no one should wind up there, period.

Sunday I is a very quiet shift, and stuff that's gotten put aside the rest of the week can get done today.

The staff for Sunday II is starting to drift in just about now.

OMFG brainless n00b coming in for the 1pm Sunday shift, claiming he's been doing this for the last three weeks. Um, NO. There is no Sunday 1pm shift. And I have been working Sundays the past 3 weeks, and I assure you that I would have remembered your clueless ass.

Now we have a crowd. Hooray Sunday II.

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