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30 minutes. Finally, a decent chunk of time spent talking with Darkside, and talking with him without other interested parties about.

Since our lives have been eaten by work lately, it makes sense that we'd wind up talking about work (him and the insane filtering rules that keep them from doing their jobs, me and the insane people, including that moment with the young man today and the 1 pm shift) and geeking. Ahhh, the geeking.

I find it highly amusing that the same costume can be used to represent either Neo blasting into Agent Central or a really disgruntled high school student. There was happy gossip over the in-joke about Darkside's being his workplace's Token Guy on the Edge, see. Oleg came up, though not by name. (Tay-Tay, remember "Free Oleg"?) [Backstory: this kid Oleg came to school as a Disgruntled Postal Worker in a well-executed imitation suicide bomber vest for Halloween one year; I think it was '95. The costume wound up in his gym locker. Some months later, someone saw the costume, naturally didn't connect it with Halloween, and the whole school went apenuts with a bomb scare at -30°F weather. Students protested Oleg's suspension.] There was discussion over the best construction of scary-looking harmless devices.

(Pause in which I attempt to Google "Free Oleg", and mostly get Oleg Taktarov; longer pause for reflection upon images of this Russian martial artist; suitable interval for pondering if I had better duck lest a new fandom hit me in the head; a slightly more sober and less internet-hooked pause to wonder if I even find the guy attractive, which ... really ... no. Rugged does not do much for me as a look for men. Rugged does great for me as a look for electronic equipment, though. Speaking of which, I wonder where that site that compared rugged laptops went? )

I seem to have found the key to a good long gossip session. Shop talk is fun. Geek shop talk is better.

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