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That there e-mail broke! Now it's un-broke.

So LJ moves. This changes not only their physical location but also their IP address. Suddenly, AOL and Yahoo and a whole bunch of other e-mail providers are all 'WTF, mate? They say they're LJ, but it's a different IP address! SPAMMER!' and then SpamCop gets in on the action. So they're all pointing fingers and yelling 'SPAMMER!' at LJ, and LJ's all 'No, seriously, it's us! IT'S US! WE JUST MOVED! ... *snif* ... nobody listens to us... '

Meanwhile, LJ's e-mail server is all 'Goddammit, that one fucking bounced again. *sigh* I'll send it later.' Six million messages later, half of them (the ones to AOL) have bounced, and the e-mail server is all 'SHIT! You mean I've got to send out all these current comments AND I've got to dig up all the ones that bounced? ... Fuck that. I'm getting more coffee and maybe some cyanide and a cigarette and anyone who doesn't like that can go fuck themselves talk to AOL. And SpamCop.'

So LJ geeks have figured out why the e-mail server started throwing a hissyfit, kicked themselves in the asses for not figuring it out sooner, retrieved the e-mail server from its extended smoke coffee break due to frantic overwork, nursed the wounds inflicted upon them by the seriously pissy e-mail server, taken the plunger to the clogs, and dispatched some of the heavily armed monkeys to help sort out the comments and will probably be peeling comments off the ceiling when the monkeys start throwing them. All comments should either be delivered in a timely fashion (if they're current), or delivered soon (if they're queued) as soon as the geeks get the heavily-armed monkeys to give them back.

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