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  • Music: "It wasn't there again today./ I think it's from the CIA." Why the powered shovel is called a snow shooter in certain parts of the world. Hallelujah: CTY style. Shrieking toddlers. Shrieking toddlers with the vocabulary of modern teenagers, no less. Good Snape is not a square circle. Discussion of textev supporting Good!Snape. I really do need to learn Spanish in self-defense. Bitchcakes. la antropología es la gran puta mierda asquerosa chupavida coño mamajuevo carajo chingato hijueputa, puta puta puta puta puta.

merry_smutmas has some very good Potterverse smut. But are you getting pissy because the inquiries are illegitimate, or because they're all too legitimate? All prettily tied up! (Crackfic, not safe for work.)

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