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Lemming: Stuff about Things: Personal history, clusters of five

Ten years ago
I was recovering from the wrench of coming home from CTY without enough closure
I was 15 1/2
I was engaged for the first time
I was experimenting with religion
I had discovered the joys of writing long and complicated letters (with footnotes) on the computer.

Five years ago
I was adjusting to life in a new state.
I was excelling at college and loving it.
I was over my head in magic because I'd jumped in feet-first, and loving every minute of it.
I was engaged for the second time, but that was about to end.
I was about to have been away from home for the longest time in my life ever.
I was happy, without ambiguity, for the first time since CTY.

Three years ago
I was getting used to not having my best friend in my life every day.
I was madly in love.
I was having an explosion of creativity.
I was struggling with my sanity.
I was posting a lot.

One year ago
I was getting used to the idea of my new family leaving me.
I was struggling with Marx over active day-to-day guardianship of the Little Fayoumis.
I was getting less and less enchanted with my sister's choice in men.
I was enjoying work.
I was about to be promoted.

I went on a marathon shopping/errand trip.
I didn't think about my best friend enough.
I got a memory card that might work in my camera.
I decided what I was going to get Mama for Solstice.
I read.

I went to work.
I drank only half of my coffee.
I did not hit anyone.
I was paid to pound the virtual pavement to make sure my company's benefits & the like are up to date. (No.)
I forgot to take my half-hour break, and wound up pretty much fasting, inadvertently.

Five snacks I love
Baby carrots. (The pre-peeled short carrots.)
Beef jerky, especially the way I make it.
Fresh cherries.

Five albums I know all the words to
"Know all the words to" is such a slippery concept, but I can sing along without problems to:
Parallel Lines, Blondie
Automatic for the People, R.E.M.
The Phantom of the Opera, the two-disc volume
Flood, They Might be Giants
Singable Songs for the Very Young, Raffi (It's worthy of note that "The Sharing Song" is one of the base moral building blocks that led to my polyamory.)

Five things to do with $100,000,000
Build a really awesome computer.
One word: Library.
Tempt Darkside to marry me for my money.

Five places I want to go
The Moon.
The Before.

Five things I'd never wear
Too-low, too-tight hip-huggers that hug like a python, not like a friend.
Flame orange.
Spike-toed shoes.
Any other kind of horribly uncomfortable shoe.
My heart off my sleeve.

Five TV shows I love
Star Trek: TOS.
Martin's Passage.

Five bad habits
Not writing morning pages.
Impulse spending.
Ignoring magic.

Five joys
Best friendship.
The way the wind does that thing when it's happy.

Five toys
Frickin' Nerf Bat.
(Laptop does not count as "toy". Laptop is Porta-Brain.)

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