Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Christmas Trauma

ataniell93's workplace has passed the point of Christmas decoration no return. But not, it seems, quite far enough: "...They still haven't done anything that I can tell them is a fire hazard. Except for the burning in my brain."

norabombay suggests: "...At this point? Christmas would be improved by involving Darth Mr. Potato head."
mamadeb: "I find it hard to imagine much that wouldn't be improved by Darth Mr. Potatohead."

Further down the thread:

ataniell93: "And now I'm wondering if I couldn't find a string of Star of David lights somewhere. Because really, if I get blinky lights, don't I win or something?"
mamadeb: "Here. Okay, it 's not a string, but it does blink annoyingly."

I think Dad would like this product:

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