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Delurking: 10 Questions from cadhla

1. What LJ interests, if any, are listed only by you? Can you tell me anything cool about 'em?
8 of Swords -- This card of rather OMGWTF spikiness came up as my secondary Tarot card when doing readings about me as of about five years ago. I don't recommend being in that situation, incidentally.

Cult of Josh -- long, long ago (about ten years ago), pyrogenic was the hottest teenage thing with three legs, and another of his admirers and I decided that the logical thing was to worship him. She was Catholic, soon to be ex-Catholic, so there was a lot of Heavy Ritual.

Death Swill -- The strongest coffee that the vending machine in high school could be persuaded to turn out. Weak by my current standards.

dream treatments -- from an obscure little anime called Darkside Blues. This guy shows up out of nowhere and starts curing people's problems by giving them "dream treatments", which seem to work really well considering that they're sort of in the middle of a corporate apocalypse.

Egyptian Fayoumi -- a kind of rather bizarre and insane chicken, often used for genetic experimentation. I had a pet one when I was nine. She later reincarnated as a mildly fluffy grey tortoiseshell cat.

mud cult -- another high school era injoke. There was this academic camp. One day it rained. A spontaneous mud cult formed, having a mud fight and then worshiping the glorious sticky mud.

n00b power -- the reasons for this are lost to the obscurity of history. It meant something at some point in time.

s.oteri -- The jelepathic tellyfish telepathic jellyfish in Preternatural, which is an excellent book that pokes fun at Star Trek and the novels attached thereto, including exact quotes from the author's own Dwellers in the Crucible, which is thinly disguised as Abide in Fire, a SpaceSeekers novel. Said jellyfish were rather influential in my underlying motives for picking a name containing "azure".

sithjawa -- my delightfully geeky ex-girlfriend. She rocks.

Talented Yeeth -- the plural of "Talented Youth", as in the center for same. More mud cult/cult of Josh fun. Academic camp is great fun.

The Goddess Brew -- the descendant of Death Swill, an occasionally vile concoction of coffee and other things. Heat one large mug milk to very hot. Drink half. Reheat. Pour in 1/4 cup instant coffee crystals, 1/4 cup instant hot chocolate mix, 1/2 cup sugar. Stir. Reheat. Serve piping hot in a shot glass with a large mug of frosty milk, or serve as a lukewarm syrup in a sport bottle to be passed around amongst drama/fencing crew a sip at a time until all are bouncing off the fucking walls.

there is no conspiracy -- yes, there is.

to annoy and confuse -- more Center for Talented Youth Yeeth madness. This was a takeoff on the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition sketch. We became known as the Spammish Inquisition, for everyone expected us. This was before Spam became known as junk mail.

yeeth -- the CTY plural of youth. Used in a rather silly and random fashion.

In conclusion, if ever you have children, either yours or under your care, I recommend the Center for Talented Youth summer programs, which are like a cross between a con and a sleepaway camp, except with more academic broadening.

2. Do you have a favourite article of clothing or jewelry? What is it? I have this silver star with a Celtic knotwork border and an amethyst in the middle. It hangs around my neck and doesn't come off. My best friend gave it to me.

3. What are your favourite fandoms? X-Files, by far. Most notable of late, Potter. Most steadfast: Bujold and Duane. Most enlightening: socially, Bujold. Spiritually, Duane.

4. What would you most like to be doing, right at this moment? Spending quality time with best friend mentioned in #2.

5. Do you know what you're going to order before you go into a restaurant? If it's not my first time there, often. If it is my first time there, no.

6. What's your favourite book? Why? You ask me to choose? What kind of monster are you? ...I'm torn between some Bujold and some Duane, between Memory and Spock's World, but I have to wind up with Cyteen (by Cherryh) as my favorite book of all time, because I read it when I was teenage enough to have it matter very crucially to the building of my mind. If you're a smart kid who already knows a few fun mind tricks, learning to think like an azi is fun. If you already have inclinations towards the kinky, the power-plays are very interesting indeed.

7. What is more important to you: something you do, or something you are? Explain. I'm not sure I'm fit to answer that in the abstract, but I do all kinds of little things that by themselves seem nearly worthless, but when packaged up in what I am (a fiercely loyal best friend) has won me the friendship of someone as tenaciously loyal as I am, but without hope of keeping friends.

8. Can you forgive without forgetting? If I forgive, it's by remembering, and knowing what allowances I have to make. Often enough, I'll forget, but still remember the grudge. I try not to bear too much ill-will, but I had too many times when a trespass forgiven once became a habit and forgiveness was assumed. I shan't repeat that.

9. What have you been putting off so long that it makes you nervous just to think about it? Getting a car. Getting a better job. Any number of things involving my best friend.

10. What should I know about you that I don't? I do the getting-to-know-somebody thing with no holds barred if I'm making friends, and then have a tendency to come up short and bar holds. And I can be in the same general area as someone for a long time without once actually Making Friends. It's exceptionally rare for me to actually find a good friend, though I'm on good terms with an awful lot of people. It's easy to get people to trust you: be there, be quiet, give good advice, don't betray them. It's harder to actually trust in return. ...Oh. And I'm awfully hung up on friendship, that being the most important thing in my life right now.

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