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Before I forget (again), the updated Trip Timeline thinger:

Monday 19th: Pack like a mad thing. Finish errands requiring presence in Arizona (library, mailing crap, &c.)
Tuesday 20th:
  • Bus to airport. (Red Line to Terminal 2.) I'll want to be there 2 hours ahead of boarding time, which means I'll want to be there at 11:30am, which means I'll have to depart the apartment at 9:15, because I'd rather be far too early than late.
  • Potentially hang out with hcolleen, who has the mad 1337 skillz, not to mention the security badge, to chill at the gate with me.
  • Watch explicit imported animation on laptop at gate & get busted by airport security, but not before traumatizing several screaming children who will never look at an octopus the same way again.
  • Get picked up by Guide Dog Aunt around 3:30 local time.
  • Explore the nitty-gritty details of the LAN.
  • Avoid being sucked into massive gaming session with cousins.
  • Figure that current Best Friend would get along with cousins far better than previous fiance.
  • Remember that Best Friend is a PC kind of guy.
  • Plot to introduce Best Friend to the friendly world of Mac.
  • Collapse with utter exhaustion.

Wednesday 21st: Nothing currently scheduled (Guide Dog Aunt may have nefarious plans).
Thursday 22nd: Get borrowed by pyrogenic for entire day, more or less. [Tentative: Introduce pyrogenic to ataniell93, incidentally meeting her face-to-face for the first time?]
Friday 23rd: Nothing currently scheduled.
Saturday 24th: Family Road Trip. (Yes, I got the Dramamine.) (Guide Dog Aunt is a California Driver. I might be getting used to them. Maybe. Dramamine is Just In Case.)
Sunday 25th: Family Christmas.
Monday 26th: Whee, Lake Tahoe.
Tuesday 27th: Whee, Lake Tahoe.
Wednesday 28th: Family Road Trip, Part II: The Return.
Thursday 29th: Meet up with people in SF area??
Friday 30th: Fly back to Phoenix. Arrive Phoenix appx. 2pm. Bus home. Call Darkside. Call Guide Dog Aunt. Collapse.
Saturday 31st: ??
Sunday, 1st Jan 2006: ??
Monday 2nd: ??
Tuesday 3rd: return to work!

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